Sameday Health Offering Virtual Urgent Care in Specific States

Now more than ever, patients are heading to urgent care when there’s a medical issue. They used to visit primary doctors, but the wait times are getting longer. Instead of spending days or weeks waiting for an appointment, and then losing hours of their day in waiting rooms, those who need medical care are making different choices. One of those is the option for same-day health support through virtual care, where they can get their issue addressed and move on with their life.

Get Virtual Urgent Care, Along With House Calls

Sameday Health is a provider of healthcare around the country and has added to its offerings by providing some locations with virtual urgent care. House calls are another unique service the company offers, which allows those who have certain medical issues to see a provider in their home, instead of going to a medical facility. The company was founded as a response to the pandemic, and it has continued to grow since that time. It offers wellness injections, COVID testing, IV drips, same-day urgent care, and more.

Anxiety Reduction and Improved Support

Some people have a lot of anxiety centered around things like waiting rooms and medical appointments. Being seen virtually is different because they don’t have to sit in a waiting room and worry. Instead, they get immediate and personalized care. Right now, Sameday Health offers two main services with their virtual urgent care. These are Cold + Flu, and Travel.

The goal of the Cold + Flu service is to help clients get better, and faster. Information and treatments are both offered, to improve clients’ lives as quickly as possible. The Travel option is focused on issues such as how to avoid illness while traveling, and what kinds of medications to pack. COVID precautions for specific areas are also available, to reduce risk when visiting new locations.

Virtual Care Has Many Benefits

Getting virtual urgent care from Sameday Health offers a number of benefits for clients. Unlimited access to medical professionals is one of the most important benefits, as the support can help clients become and stay healthier. Having a video call with a doctor or other provider can happen just about anywhere. There’s a lot of value to people who live in rural areas since they can have a harder time getting access to in-person medical care near their home.

Additionally, convenience is a big benefit when using Sameday Health. It’s easier to get a diagnosis for colds, the flu, or related illnesses in a way that doesn’t require leaving the house. That reduces the chance of exposing other people to illness. Convenience is also good for busy people, for others who can’t get away from home easily, and for anyone who doesn’t drive.

Getting Care Easily, With Sameday Health

There is both a website and an app for Sameday. That means it’s easy to connect with them and get signed up. It takes just a few clicks to book an appointment, and there is a virtual waiting room through Zoom. Then the appointment itself takes about 20 minutes. The providers can call in a prescription, and it can even be delivered to the client’s door. Companies like Sameday are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, and the options clients have for health support services.

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